Review of Slotobit Casino

Review of Slotobit Casino

Despite its rough and ready appearance, Slotobit is an unique and unconventional casino with a certain amount of charm. It is a Bitcoin casino, which may explain for the site’s anarchic atmosphere, in line with the philosophy of many of the alternative currency’s most ardent proponents.

Slotobit, which bills itself as the Totally Anonymous Bitcoin Casino, makes no secret of its intent. It allows you to play your preferred casino games without anybody snooping into your affairs.

Bitcoin’s pseudonymous nature makes it perfect for transactions that you would wish to stay confidential. Technically, all Bitcoin transactions can be tracked, but nobody is likely to do the difficult digital forensics necessary to link you to a particular wallet. In other words, you may transfer dollars to your Slotobit account without worrying about prying eyes.

Regarding Bitcoin

Slotobit’s target audience consists of gamers with a fair level of technological expertise and familiarity with Bitcoin. No issue exists if you do not have any coins in your digital wallet. The Slotobit website describes in detail how to get Bitcoin, even with a credit card if necessary. There are several methods to acquire the digital money, ranging from acquiring Bitcoin from merchants at meet spaces to utilizing Bitcoin exchanges.

About Slotobit

The business behind Slotobit is proficient in digital currency, but their English is not as refined. Although barely a sin, it indicates the origin of the owner. Additionally, it indicates that there may be a language barrier to overcome if you need to contact customer support.

The site reveals little information about its operators. Instead, it concentrates only on the service it provides its consumers, namely the opportunity to play top online casino games in peace. It should be emphasized that Slotobit is not the first Bitcoin-only casino, despite its claim that its anonymous service represents a breakthrough in the gaming business.

Nonetheless, it’s exciting to meet a website that collects as little client data as possible; often, the opposite is true.

What to Anticipate When Playing Slotobit

While the premise of Slotobit ensures that the casino has limited access to player-identifiable information, the opposite is also true: it is difficult to determine who you are working with. The greatest strength of Slotobit is also its biggest drawback. While there is no evidence that Slotobit is untrustworthy, there is a certain leap of faith necessary whenever you send your money to a third party, particularly one you have never heard of.

You will be able to play Slotobit’s various casino games if you choose to join up, a procedure that is fairly fast and straightforward. You may play slots for free or for real money, and there are a variety of promotions beginning each day of the week.

The finest aspect of Slotobit is not its anonymity or game selection, but rather its customer service. What is so special about it? According to Slotobit, you may reach them “27/7” — that is, twenty-seven hours a day, seven days a week. It is unclear where the casino finds an additional three hours every day. Regardless of the situation, it is comforting to know they will be there for you in your time of need, whenever that may be.

Your Bitcoin Downloadable Casino

Slotobit, unlike other Bitcoin casinos, offers downloaded software. The app is compatible with both Windows and Android. iOS users will need to search elsewhere. Slotobit guarantees that their casino software is “100% virus-free,” which is comforting. The Windows client program may be downloaded straight from Slotobit’s website, whilst the Android version can be obtained via the Google Play store.

Slotobit Promotions

Register at Slotobit and you will get a bonus that may increase your deposit by up to 400 percent. Uncertainty surrounds the maximum amount of BTC that may be deposited in order to qualify for this offer, and Slotobit’s English can be difficult to comprehend at times. However, the casino states the possibility of winning up to 25% of your wager back, which will be refunded to your playing account.

Slotobit offers its players four promotions: Bonus Admirer, Bonus Gambler, Bonus Adventurer, and Bonus Cashback. The Admirer bonus offers a 100% deposit match worth up to 200 mBTC, the Gambler bonus offers a 200% deposit match worth up to 400 mBTC, the Adventurer bonus offers a 300% deposit match worth up to 600 mBTC, and the Bonus Cashback bonus offers a 25% rebate on all your losses.

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